RoboForm for mobile has a fresh new face! We’ve implemented user feedback to create an improved experience on both Android and iOS. From functionality improvements to a redesigned browsing experience, we’re excited to share the details of this major upgrade. 

New viewing options

Viewing your data has never been easier. With multiple layout options, you can choose your preferred way to display and access your data. Choose from Grid, List, and Condensed List, as well as Popular, Recent, and A-Z. Additionally, you can separate your data into Pinned, Logins, and Safenotes.


Viewing layout: Grid, List, Condensed list (Android)


Logins only, list view, scroll (iOS)



Pinned (Android)

Improved layout for Identities

Creating, accessing, and editing your Identities is super simple. Just tap “ID” in the bottom nav, tap the “+” button and add your info! As always, you can create an unlimited number of Identities.


Identity layout (Android)


identity ios

Identity layout (iOS)

Easily create new Logins, Safenotes, and more

Create and save new RoboForm data directly from the RoboForm Start Page. Choose from Shared Folder, Folder, Safenote, and Login.


Improved access to the RoboForm Password Generator

Ensuring strong and unique passwords for every site is now even easier with the RoboForm Password Generator located directly on the Login creation screen.


Easily utilize the password generator when creating a new Login (Android)

You can also access the Password Generator from the Tools (lower nav), along with the Sharing Center, Security Center, and Emergency Access.


Tools (iOS)

Improved navigation

Whether you’re looking to locate your account info, update your security settings, or create a support ticket, it’s all easily accessible from the RoboForm Settings menu.


Redesigned browsing experience

Quickly access your browser from the lower toolbar. Once open, you can surf the web, fill from saved Logins and Identities, generate passwords, and save Logins.


Conveniently access your browser from the lower toolbar.


Fill Login info for any saved website with the click of a button

Color theme options

Take the strain off your eyes and really make your Logins pop with dark theme. Switching color themes is super simple and can done under RoboForm settings >> General.

Dark theme enabled

Whether you’re a RoboForm for iOS or Android user, enjoy all the upgrade has to offer by installing the most recent version of RoboForm.

If you’ve yet to download and install RoboForm on your mobile device, you can do so from the respective app stores: Google Play and App Store.

Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.