If you’re a RoboForm user, you know that the Master Password you select is the key that unlocks your data. This key is so important to your security that nobody else should be entrusted with it; not even us. That’s why we built RoboForm in such a way as to ensure that only you know your Master Password.

While this arrangement protects your data from intruders, it inevitably leads to frustration when the Master Password is forgotten. If you can’t recall your Master Password, that has meant you can’t access your data.

Until now.

Recent advances in biometric technology have now made it possible to cheaply and effectively authenticate individuals based on the unique way that sound is conducted by their skulls. Introducing Strike Operated Login (SOL): Biometric Authentication Without the Additional Hardware.

How SOL works

skull Xray

Each person’s skull processes incoming sounds in a slightly different way. A loud noise initiated by impact with a hard surface will generate a characteristic frequency response. This response is unique to the individual and can be used as a means of identification.

Set up is easy as it uses existing hardware available on most desktop computers: your keyboard and a microphone.

In the event that you forget your Master Password, the steps to implement are as follows:

  1. Start recording using your device’s microphone.
  2. Gently hit your head on the keyboard (Android/iOS users can tap their smartphones against their heads).
  3. Stop recording.

Stressed man and laptop

Please note: this feature is still in beta and may not always work. In the event that repeated impacts don’t succeed, make another attempt at recalling your Master Password.

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.