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For one reason or another, we all have to change our passwords every now and again. Perhaps a specific application requires a monthly password update; you may have forgotten your password for a particular account; or maybe there was a data breach that required a password reset. Regardless, the process of creating new passwords has always been tricky and frustrating. Inevitably you end up questioning if you’ve previously used the password, or worse yet, the application changes its password requirements and try as you might, none of the passwords in your regular repertoire meet the criteria.  If we’re being honest though—you really shouldn’t be using that regular repertoire anymore anyway! And there you are, back at square one. 

As any long time RoboForm user knows, the password generator feature is built in to all desktop and mobile versions.

web password generator screencap

But what if you don’t have RoboForm installed? That’s where RoboForm’s Web Password Generator comes into play. Now you can generate strong passwords with a click of a button, even when you don’t have RoboForm installed.

Just like in the software and mobile apps, you can select the number of characters and minimal number of digits as well as other parameters. You can then copy the newly generated password to your clipboard.

Make life easier and more secure by using our password generator.

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.