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Data breaches and hacks have become almost as sure as the sun rising. As their frequency increases, so too should your level of protection. One crucial method of upping your protection is strengthening your passwords. While there are many password strength meters available, they often provide inaccurate readings, leading to a false sense of security.

For example: Most password strength meters will incorrectly rate poor passwords like ‘P@ssword1’ as strong. But not ours.

animated sequence of password strength meter

This is because most other tools merely count lowercase and uppercase letters, digits, and symbols (LUDS), rather than taking into account dictionary entries, common names, as well as known common passwords and their variants.

RoboForm calculates individual password strength using zxcvbn, a powerful open source password strength estimator. Our tool takes into account a plethora of known bad password habits and patterns, increasing the reliability of your strength rating.

To ensure that you are are picking the strongest possible passwords, we created Security Center, which we highlighted previously, and our new ‘How Strong is Your Password?’ tool. This tool empowers you to check the true strength of your passwords. 

Check out our ‘How Strong is Your Password?’ tool

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.