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We all use passwords for multiple situations every single day. From unlocking our computers and opening our email, to accessing our bank accounts, Facebook, and Twitter. But how often do we pause during our busy lives to take a look at the health and safety of these passwords, both individually and as a whole? After all, how do we know if we’re using strong enough passwords or accidentally duplicating some along the way?

With the launch of RoboForm 8, a new Security Center section has been added to the RoboForm Editor. This new Security Center grades each individual password and also gives you and your accounts an overall security score. The factors used to calculate your security score include the strength of individual passwords and how often they are reused. Password strength for individual passwords is calculated using an algorithm based on zxcvbn, a powerful open source password strength estimator.

Security Center screenshot

To access the Security Center, click the RoboForm icon on your taskbar and select “Security Center.” Once in the Security Center, you will see your security score displayed at the top of the window, along with your individual password breakdown below. To increase a password’s individual strength and by extension your overall Security Score, click “Login” and then update that password using the RoboForm password generator. Once you’ve resaved the password within RoboForm, the Security Center will recalculate your score.

While in the Security Center, you can easily sort passwords by name, age (when they were stored in RoboForm) and password strength. Reused passwords are displayed in a separate tab and grouped together based on their respective Logins. Complete Duplicates are Logins that have an identical username and password. While these do not affect your Security Score, the Security Center does make finding and deleting them a one step process.

Take a few moments to quickly assess the health of your passwords. Check out our new Security Center!

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.