We’re excited to announce the updated RoboForm browser extension for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari. This new extension streamlines your RoboForm experience and makes it easier than ever to securely manage your passwords and the other important data you store in RoboForm.

This article discusses some of the most visible improvements.

A consistent extension experience across all platforms.

The standalone extension design is now identical to the version that is tied to the desktop installed version. This allows Linux and Chrome OS users to have the same experience as Windows/Mac.

Greater ease of navigation.

Navigating the updated extension should be intuitive for anyone.

  • The interface is now laid out in a tab format, with three top-level tabs.
    The Fill Logins and Identity tabs are fixed, but the first tab is customizable. To change the item type displayed on the first tab, simply click the down arrow on that tab, and select a different option.
RoboForm Browser Extension Tabs
  • Larger icons.
    We’ve increased the size of icons to make them easier to see and select.

The new extension improves efficiency by presenting the most relevant items right away.

Whether you’re logging into a website or filling a form, the new extension features the most relevant items at the top of the list so they’re easy to find.

  • Popular, Recent, and Pinned items are now more prominently displayed, making it easier to access commonly or recently used items.
RoboForm makes it easy to sort logins, safenotes and bookmarks by Popular, Recent, and alphabetically
  • Search is now prominently displayed at the top of the extension.
    This is extremely useful for users with hundreds of items (or more!).
The RoboForm Search bar is easy to access at the top of the browser extension.
  • Matching Logins are now shown for specific sign-in pages.
    Prior to this update, you could view all your Logins that matched the domain of the site you wished to log into. Now, you can refine that view to just the Logins that match the current sign-in page. This is extremely useful to users who have many Logins for a site.
RoboForm simplifies logging into sites for which you've saved multiple sets of login credentials
  • Password generation is done automatically when on a password-change or sign-up page.
    It’s now even easier to create a good password when changing passwords or setting up a new Login. Just click the RoboForm Inline icon beside the password field, and the Password Generator launches and automatically creates a strong, unique password.
Easily generate secure passwords from the new RoboForm extension.

Additional functionality

  • Manually add items quicker. 
    Click the new button to quickly add items via the Start Page. This is where you’ll go to manually create a new Login, Safenote, Bookmark, or Identity.
To manually add items to RoboForm from the browser extension, click the plus sign.
  • Ability to view and copy Identity items in the extension.
    It’s easy to copy the entire contents of an Identity item, or just a single field, to your clipboard. Just View the Identity, then click the Copy icon to the right of the item you’d like to copy.
Copy and paste between different identities in RoboForm.

To learn more about the updated extension, check out our help desk article: New RoboForm Extension Overview.

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.