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Remote workers are vulnerable to security threats because our remote work environments often lack the safeguards that protect us in the office.

Remote employees who don’t take steps to safeguard themselves and their organization’s data make it easy for attackers to exploit security gaps and to capture account credentials and other sensitive information that could harm the company.

Fortunately, RoboForm provides a secure way to store, retrieve, and share the sensitive data that fuels our digital lives — whether we’re working in the office or at our kitchen table.

Read on to learn some of the ways remote workers can use RoboForm to stay safe online.

Safely Share Account Logins and Other Important Data

The ability to share data stored in RoboForm between co-workers using RoboForm Everywhere (Individual and Family versions) makes RoboForm an ideal tool for fostering safe collaboration between remote employees. Sharing uses public-private key encryption, which replaces the risky practice of emailing or texting sensitive data. 

With RoboForm, you have the flexibility of sharing individual data items (e.g., a single Login or the contents of one SafeNote) or the contents of an entire folder.

NOTE: When you Share items, the default permissions setting is Login only, meaning the recipient will not be able to edit or share the shared item. Logins shared with this setting can only be used to log into websites, applications, and mobile apps; they can’t be viewed. You can change this setting to Full Control or Read and Write by adding to a Shared Folder.

As discussed previously in “How to Securely Share Your NetFlix Password,” the following are additional advantages of sharing RoboForm passwords and other data items:

  • Any future change you make to shared data is automatically updated in Roboform for everyone with whom it’s been shared.
  • Access to shared data can be revoked at any time.

To Share a RoboForm Item: 

  1. Log into and hover over the item you’d like to Share.
  2. Click the three vertical dots that display in the upper right corner of the item, and click undefined.

    If you’re sharing a folder, expand the Home folder (left panel), right-click the folder name, and click .
How to Share a RoboForm Password or Other Secure Data Item

RoboForm’s Send feature is another way to securely transfer RoboForm items to other RoboForm users. The main differences between sending and sharing items in RoboForm are:

  • Folders can be shared but not sent.
  • When you Send rather than Share information stored in your RoboForm account, future changes will not be updated for the recipient, and you can’t revoke access to the sent information.

RoboForm for Business provides expanded Sharing and Group Management capabilities for businesses that need it. To determine if RoboForm for Business might be right for your company, check out the following RoboForm articles:

Securely Store and Retrieve Work-Related Account Information

RoboForm Identities are repositories for sensitive information that you can access from anywhere. By creating a Work Identity in your RoboForm account, you’ll have secure access to important work-related account info, such as company credit card numbers, company car insurance details, security codes, and bank account numbers. Because everything stored in RoboForm Identities is end-to-end encrypted, you’ll never have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. As an added bonus, you’ll be able to automatically fill online forms that ask for the information stored in your Work Identity.

Consolidate Sensitive Work-Related Data in RoboForm for Easy Access

With RoboForm, it’s easy to keep the bits of information you’ve stored for work separate from your personal stuff. Just create a RoboForm Folder dedicated to your work items (Identity, Bookmarks, Account Logins, Contacts, and SafeNotes), and you’ll be protected from inadvertently mixing up personal and work-related items.

To Create a RoboForm Folder:

How to Create a RoboForm Folder for Organizing Secure Data Items

Remote work doesn’t have to jeopardize a company’s data security. Keeping remote workers safe online requires a team approach. Roboform can help.

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