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Sharing Netflix Login credentials between household members so they can stream Netflix on their devices is a given these days. Neglect to tell the members of your family that you’ve changed the Netflix password, and you’ll likely find yourself in the midst of a minor uprising.

You should always take precautions to protect your online security when sharing passwords. To simplify sharing, you may be tempted to set up a throwaway password that’s easy to remember, like password123. This is not a good idea. What’s called for is a randomly generated password, the uglier the better. You want a password like 8@yDhCRkMxS*2H85%eT that’s difficult to crack and impossible to shout up the stairs.

This is the type of task that RoboForm was built to handle. Not only does it generate complex passwords that deter hackers; it stores them securely and makes sharing them a snap. Here’s how easy it is to use RoboForm to create and securely share your Netflix password (or any other password):

  1. Use RoboForm’s Password Generator tool to create a strong, random, and unique password for your Netflix account. (If a data breach at Netflix exposes your unique password, so what? Just change it. Since you haven’t re-used the same password on multiple sites, you won’t need to spend time changing passwords all over the internet.)
  2. Share your Netflix Login credentials:
    • On a computer, right-click the Netflix Login in the RoboForm browser extension or RoboForm Editor app, and select Share. On a mobile device, click the horizontal ellipsis to the right of the Netflix Login, and select Sharing
    • In the Sharing window, enter the email addresses of each person with whom you want to share the credentials, clicking Add after each one. 

As invitations to share the credentials are sent, the recipients’ names and email addresses are displayed in the Who Has Access section of the Sharing window. After each recipient receives and accepts the request, the Not Received Yet status beside their name is removed, and the shared credentials are added to their RoboForm Logins.

Shared NetFlix login stored safely in RoboForm Password Manager

Instructions for creating a RoboForm account are automatically emailed to any recipient who doesn’t already have one. After they create the account, in order for them to receive the shared Login, you must run a RoboForm Sync operation from your end.

A few more advantages of sharing passwords with RoboForm:

  • Sharing uses public-private key encryption, which replaces the risky practice of emailing or texting sensitive data.
  • Shared passwords are stored in each recipient’s instance of RoboForm for convenient access.
  • Future changes you make to the password are automatically updated in Roboform for everyone with whom it’s been shared.
  • Access to shared passwords can be revoked at any time.

With RoboForm’s built-in password sharing feature, share a password once and you’re done. If only the rest of life were so simple!

Looking for more information on Secure Sharing? Check out the corresponding section at the RoboForm Help Center.

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.