There’s no way around it – Password habits directly affect security and time management. Employee turn over, forced password resets, juggling multiple accounts, third party integrations, site updates, new clients, etc., all contribute to the password paradigm. Users inevitably adapt to changing circumstances and demands, adopting time saving behaviors, often to the detriment of security. According to a 2017 survey by Pew Research, the majority of Americans (84% of those surveyed) use traditional methods for tracking their passwords, specifically memorization or pen and paper. While IT professionals may be more technically savvy than the average American, they’re not necessarily more secure.

Tech professionals, particularly those with access to databases and administrator portals, are often working in a multi-system environment within a single shared network. Many of these systems operate off of a single account, which leads to the casual storage and sharing of admin credentials, be it via sticky notes or Excel spreadsheets. With multiple hands in the “cookie jar,” the accuracy and security of logins is ultimately compromised. Additionally, there’s the subsequent loss of time and increased frustration resulting from locating the “correct” password (or the individual who created it) to multiple login attempts and inevitable resets.

RoboForm for Business removes these frustrations by providing a central location for logins will also allowing network admins to assign access specific permission levels. Admins can create an unlimited number of custom defined sharing groups with unique permission levels for each user. Logins can then be deployed without ever revealing their associated passwords, while users maintain the ability to quickly and efficiently log in to sites with a single click. Additionally, during group creation, the administrator will be prompted to set the group’s default storage. The storage type determines where copies of the data shared within the group can be saved. Other customizable security settings include mobile device and IP allowance.

Working within the IT industry presents its own set of unique challenges, but password management doesn’t need to be one of them. Investing in simple solutions such as RoboForm for Business, empowers employees to access and track credentials, while maintaining security and accountability for their company, as well individual customers and third party collaborators. By incorporating the proper tools, implementing policies, and educating fellow employees, IT professionals can ascend to their proper seats at the table of cyber security superstars.


Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.