We’re thrilled to introduce the new and improved version of RoboForm! Numerous aspects of version 7 have been revamped – so take a look at the updates below to get familiar with version 8.

Download RoboForm 8 Beta

New Features:

1. Secure Shared Logins
Securely sharing logins is easy in RoboForm 8. Simply add recipient email addresses, adjust the user access level (based on your preference) and share away!


2. Updated interface
(currently on Windows only)

We have redesigned the start page, browser extension, and editor.

  • The RoboForm software has an updated look and feel.


  • In Google Chrome, the toolbar extension is still available at the top and bottom of your browser window. The upper toolbar, however, is designed to only display in a vertical dropdown format once you select the RoboForm icon.


  • The new start page eliminates the main side bar to view logins and bookmarks. Viewing options are now simplified to either large or compact. Users can navigate their data via the search bar or categorical tabs (pinned, recent, logins, bookmarks, etc.)


3. Security Center
(currently on Windows only)

How safe are your passwords? See how you score with RoboForm’s Security Center – designed to thoroughly evaluate password strength and safety level, as well as spotlight duplicate passwords. By scanning your data and credentials, RoboForm provides a smooth breakdown, indicating which passwords need improvement. Auditing your passwords on a regular basis is crucial to ensuring maximum security.


4. Improved Privacy
The names of your Logins and other RoboForm data will not be visible in the software when you log out.

5. Unlimited Logins for Free
Starting with version 8, RoboForm allows unlimited Logins on a single device (be it desktop or mobile) without having to pay. To enjoy our secure cloud backup and password syncing across all your devices, upgrade to RoboForm Everywhere.

Download RoboForm 8 Beta

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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.