In part one of this blog we examined four common reasons for not using a password manager. Today we’ll debunk a few more myths, including the security of biometrics and the likelihood of company employees snooping on your information.

Someone will snoop


One of the many beautiful things about RoboForm is that no one other than you can view your data, not even us. Even if we wanted to decrypt your information, we can’t, because you and only you know the Master Password. There is no snooping on the Master Password as it never gets sent to a server. For that very reason it’s EXTREMELY important that you don’t forget your Master Password because it cannot be recovered.


Biometrics is better


What about biometrics? Yes biometrics are “cool” and while fingerprint readers are cheap, Android phones offer facial recognition, and the resolution of FaceTime HD cameras on Macs can support iris scans, biometrics come with their own set of security issues. Fingerprint readers get dirty, and if you think it’s easy to steal a password, you should know it’s not overly difficult to steal a fingerprint either; a photocopy of a fingerprint can typically fool the average scanner. And, while you are your unique self and that seems like a good barrier against hacks, it’s not absurd to think that someone might make a high-resolution digital mask from a photo of you (completely feasible). As technology becomes more sophisticated, so too will hackers and the consequences will become graver. Rather than having a password stolen, something you can easily update, it’ll be your fingerprint. If that doesn’t make you think twice, it should.


Just another bill

Money tree

Bills. Bills. Bills. Why would you possibly want to add another?! Here’s why: If you think $9.95 for a year is expensive, consider the cost of identity theft. It can easily become a drawn out nightmare filled with hours upon hours spent calling credit card companies, credit bureaus, police departments, dispute processes, writing letters, paying for everything in cash, being turned down for loans, and more. According to the 2015 Identity Fraud Study by Javelin Strategy & Research, $16 billion was stolen from 12.7 million U.S. consumers in 2014. In 2015, the Federal Trade Commission reported identity theft to be the biggest complaint category composing 13% of overall complaints.


I don’t do technical


Admittedly technology is not for everyone, and in today’s fast paced world it almost seems as though you’re constantly playing catchup with the newest onslaught of trends. Password managers, however, are not trends. And while that means they’re not fun, the simple fact is – they’re not meant to be fun. Password managers are there to protect you and the protection they offer is worth the time it takes to download, install, and learn the software. Still unsure if you can figure it out? If you have questions or just find yourself becoming frustrated, RoboForm offers an array of easy-to-follow tutorials, online videos, phone support and 24/7/365 email support.


The company could go out of business

Door Sign C

Even if your password manager provider was to suddenly go out of business, your data would still be stored on the hardrive of your machine. For an added layer of protection, you should make a backup of your logins folder. And don’t forget, RoboForm has been around since 1999, so we have 17 years of experience that says we’re not going anywhere soon.






Make the change


Simply because nothing is infallible doesn’t mean you should throw security to the wayside. While your method may be easy, and you may even think it’s secure, there is no better security for passwords than a password manager. If you’re STILL not sold on the security aspect, consider the value of your time. Imagine a world where all you had to do was click on a button to log into a website. A world where there’s no more typing or forgetting passwords. That’s what you’ll experience when you use RoboForm.

Features such as RoboForm’s password generator also save you time by automatically generating secure passwords for you to use, and the software’s autofill login feature fills your username and that secure password in with the click of a button.

We’re humans and we’re prone to bad habits – that’s just the way it is. The beauty of a password manager is that it keeps some of those bad habits in check. It mitigates the risk while saving time. If you’re looking to store, organize, and secure your online data, a password manager is the reasonable solution.


Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.