Hope as we might, human memory is not infallible, particularly when it comes to online credentials.  As mentioned in the previous post, employees are charged with being the first line of defense in the protection of their business’s online security. Successful hackers, however, understand the reality of the situation: employees are often the weakest link in the security chain. This weakness commonly stems from the need to log in to numerous online portals, making the loss of credentials imminent. According to a poll by Intel Security, the average person has 27 discrete online logins. In addition, 37 percent of poll respondents say they’ve forgotten a password at least once a week.1 That’s over 52 password resets in a year for a single employee! What this statistic fails to mention is the amount of time spent waiting for password reset emails to be received, or the number of attempts taken to recreate a new password which meets company security requirements.

Password resets are a distraction from productivity and revenue generation. Forgotten or mistyped passwords often lead to blocked accounts. When accounts are blocked, employees are forced to put specific tasks on the backburner or contact the IT department; both options prove inefficient. Many times, employees prefer to avoid contacting the IT department, instead choosing to sit idle until the block has timed out. While they wait, so too does your projects, your profit, and your growth. On the occasion that the IT department is notified, they are forced to divert an employee away from larger more impacting projects to the menial task of password resets. Forrester Research estimates that the average cost of a single password reset performed by a help desk is about $70, while Gartner estimates that 20% to 50% of all help desk calls are for password resets.2

The solution? RoboForm for Business. RoboForm provides secure, one-click logins, accessed from any platform or on any browser. With a single click, RoboForm takes your employees to the correct URL and automatically fills in and submits the correct username and password. No matter the portal, in seconds your employees will gain secure access. That means no more weak and duplicated passwords, no blocked accounts, no idle time, and no password resets. Once your employees are onboarded, they can immediately install and begin using RoboForm for Business on any platform or browser. In addition, RoboForm for Business offers complete separation of private and company owned RoboForm files. With RoboForm deployed, your employees will never again sit idle while passwords are forgotten, accounts are blocked, and access denied. Prevent bad habits, prevent wasted time – start a free trial today.



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Posted by Simon Davis

Simon Davis is the VP of Marketing for RoboForm.